X-Wing Revival

Screenshot of X-Wing Revival 0.1.8 Alpha

X-Wing Revival is a fan project to create a multiplayer combat space flight sim in the style of the Star Wars X-Wing games.

Download X-Wing Revival 0.3.1 Alpha   (mirror)
Released 2023-11-22
Requires Windows XP/Vista/7+, Mac OS X 10.4+*, or Linux 64-bit

Source code for the game and its engine are available on my GitHub page.

When I started making X-Wing Revival in 2011, there wasn't much going on with Star Wars, and the X-Wing series of combat flight simulators seemed to be dead. I really wanted to have an X-Wing LAN party, but the last official game was X-Wing Alliance from 2002, which we couldn't get working reliably across modern machines.

We've come a long way since then! The goal is still to recreate the feeling of a classic LucasArts X-Wing game, but X-Wing Revival has developed into its own unique take on the genre, with a focus on fun dogfighting, epic battles, multiplayer balance, and staying true to classic Star Wars ship designs. (TIE Fighters don't have missiles!)

If you're looking for the official Star Wars dogfighting game of 2020, check out Star Wars Squadrons. It's fun!

X-Wing Revival is intended to provide a multiplayer experience similar to the X-Wing and TIE Fighter games, but it is not an exact clone. The ships are faster and less shielded, making combat a little closer to what you see in the movies. A few solid hits will take down an X-Wing!

In the default Fleet Battle mode, each team tries to destroy the enemy capital ships while defending their own. The last team with any surviving capital ship wins. Respawn is only possible while your flagship survives, so prioritize its protection! Cruisers will respawn if their entire group is destroyed while the flagship survives, but the more cruisers on a team, the longer it takes for their group to respawn.

You can also play the Battle of Yavin trench run, in which the Rebels must fly down the Death Star trench and try to hit the exhaust port with a pair of torpedoes. The Empire has to make sure the Rebels don't achieve this before the time limit runs out.

In Flagship Hunt, one team must defend their capital ship while the other team tries to destroy it. The defenders win if they can keep their capital ship alive until the time limit hits.

The new Kessel Run mode is a checkpoint race through a dense asteroid field.

Or for something a little more simple, you can select a Deathmatch or Elimination mode. And there will be more modes coming in future versions!

X-Wing Revival was originally designed for LAN play, and we once tested that with about 20 players in the game. It can also be played solo (vs bots) or online. You can join my dedicated server, or host your own game by mapping TCP port 7000 on your router's NAT.

You can fly in VR too! I've only tested with the HTC Vive on Windows 7, but it uses OpenVR so it should work with any SteamVR-compatible HMD. See the ReadMe for tweaking options if it looks strange on a Valve Index, Oculus Rift, or other headset.

There's also a Windows screen-saver module included that lets you watch bots duke it out.

If you have blank/white textures on Windows: This can happen if you extract the zip somewhere with restricted permissions, such as the desktop or Downloads folder. Try somewhere else like Program Files.

If Windows Defender SmartScreen pops up to warn you that the code is unsigned, you can click the small "More Info" at the bottom, then "Run Anyway".

Note for modern macOS: To allow X-Wing Revival to run, open System Preferences, go to Security & Privacy, then set Allow applications downloaded from: Anywhere. If you don't see this option, open Applications, Utilities, Terminal and run this command:

sudo spctl --global-disable

If you have blank/white textures on a Mac: This is another problem that can be solved in the Terminal:

xattr -dr com.apple.quarantine "/Applications/X-Wing Revival"

Or you can do this before extracting the zip:

xattr -d com.apple.quarantine "X-Wing Revival 0.3 Alpha.zip"

More information about spctl/GateKeeper and com.apple.quarantine can be found on StackExchange.