BTTT: BattleTech TableTop

Screenshot of BTTT (BattleTech TableTop) 0.9.1 Beta

BTTT is a fan project to make a computer game of tabletop BattleTech, using the latest Total Warfare and BattleMech Manual rules from Catalyst games.

Download BTTT 0.9.7 Beta   (mirror)
Released 2022-11-11
Requires Windows XP/Vista/7+ or Mac OS X 10.4+*

Source code for the game and its engine are available on my GitHub page.

I started this in 2020 with the goal of playing BattleTech with proper tabletop rules without actually gathering around a table. This project has been a fantastic learning experience for me, as I had to really dig into the rulebooks to understand how some of the equipment might interact. I did my best to faithfully reproduce it.

This should not be confused with Harebrained Schemes BattleTech, which has singleplayer missions and better graphics, but does not exactly clone the gameplay rules of tabletop.

BTTT can be a learning tool for the tabletop rules, which is why the default Event Speed is Slow to give you time to read what happens at every step. Weapon hits, cluster rolls, and step-by-step damage resolution are described. When aiming, a straight line is drawn for line of sight, highlighting intervening hexes that would impair or block the shot.

To play across the internet, the host must map TCP port 3050. You can also play local hotseat or vs bots.

You can create custom variants using HeavyMetal Pro and add them to the Mechs directory.

More details can be found in the ReadMe.

Screenshot of BTTT (BattleTech TableTop) 0.9.2 Beta

Note for Mac OS X 10.8+: To allow BTTT to run, open System Preferences, go to Security & Privacy, then set Allow applications downloaded from: Anywhere. If you don't see this option, open Applications, Utilities, Terminal and run this command:

sudo spctl --master-disable

If you have blank/white textures on a Mac: This is yet another problem caused by modern macOS that can be solved in the Terminal:

xattr -dr "/Applications/BTTT"

Or you can do this before extracting the zip:

xattr -d "BTTT 0.9.7"

More information about spctl/GateKeeper and can be found on StackExchange.

If you have blank/white textures on Windows: This can happen if you extract the zip somewhere with restricted permissions, such as the desktop or Downloads folder. Try somewhere else like Program Files.