Rare and Hard-to-Find File Archive

A random collection of useful files whose links are mostly broken around the internet.

Mac MechWarrior 2 RAVE Patch

This patch for the classic Mac OS version of MechWarrior 2 allows you to convert it to the QuickDraw3D RAVE edition, which provides 3D accelerated graphics via ATI Rage or 3Dfx Voodoo hardware. This is actually a patch that I created back in high school and recently rediscovered on Bob Kiwi's Hotline server.

Action Quake2 Client Zips

The basic Quake2/action pak files for AQ2 clients. This includes my old "AQ2Pak" that fixes some missing textures.

Action Quake2 Rogue Spear Sounds

Replace weapon sounds, player sounds, and some voices with Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear sounds.

Action Quake2 Hickok45 Sounds

Replace weapon sounds with real gun sounds from Hickok45's YouTube videos. (Personally, I use these weapon sounds with the Rogue Spear pak for other sounds.)

Raptor007's Action Quake2 Configs

Client and server configuration files for Action Quake2, including DCAS keybinds. Updated in 2014 for Q2Pro and AQ2-TNG use. (You probably don't need this. Just get AQtion instead.)

Saitek FIP SD6 Drivers

The Saitek FTP driver archive contains almost every version of every driver they've ever released, but they left out the Flight Instrument Panel SD6 drivers that shipped on the CD. These drivers also include DirectOutput 6.6 support for the X52 Pro, although you'll have to install the X52 Pro SD6 (6.2) driver first.

Call of Duty 4 Texture Converters

These converters translate between Call of Duty 4 .IW2 texture resources and .DDS DirectDraw Surface textures, which can be created and edited using Paint.NET.

X-Wing Alliance OPT-to-3DS 3D Model Converter

This tool allows you to export X-Wing Alliance .OPT files into 3D Studio Max .3DS files, which can be converted into just about anything using Blender.

Quake 3 with 3dfx T-Buffer Motion Blur

This modified version of Q3Test 1.08 for Windows includes support for 3dfx VSA-100 T-Buffer special effects, like anti-aliasing and motion blur on the Voodoo5 5500.

DOS Linker for Windows

This Win32 command-line tool allows you to link MS-DOS executables from compiled or assembled object files. This is an essential tool when developing for DOS from a Windows machine, as it allows you to link 16-bit DOS assembled MASM or NBASM projects even on a Windows 7 64-bit system.

Static libFLAC.a for Mac OS X

For some reason, MacPorts no longer seems to build a static libFLAC.a in its libflac port. This zip files contains versions for ppc, i386, and x86_64 architextures.